Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lily in the Stone by J.P. Sterling

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In the emotional sequel to Ruby in the Water, Peter Arnold embarks on a journey to uncover his family's secret history before his diagnosis proves fatal. Along the way, he's forced to question everything he thought was true about his parents, his past, and his future including Peter's own feelings about his childhood, Gwen.

With one last hope at recovery, Peter will have to make the hardest choice of his life. Will he fight for what he believes, or leave everything up to fate?

Take part in this breathtaking tale about the power of friendship, family, love, and the beauty finding your true self.

Review - Dark Ride by P.G. Kassel @PGKassel

Some criminals have all the luck, but Marty’s is about to run out…
Marty Wedlow needs one last score before he can skip town. It’s only a matter of time before two thugs he swindled point a finger… and their guns in his direction. But even when Marty is brought to the police station for his latest crime, he’s not worried. Marty is incredibly lucky.

After dodging the long arm of the law yet again, Marty looks for another illicit payday at a local amusement park. What he finds instead is a mysterious stranger who prophesies that his lucky days are running out. He ignores the warnings as he pursues a vicious conquest. But good fortune is a wheel, and Marty is about to find out what happens when it spins in the other direction.

Dark Ride is a supernatural thriller in the vein of The Twilight Zone. If you like eerie amusement parks, pulse-pounding page-turners, and a touch of the paranormal, then you’ll love P.G. Kassel’s electrifying story.

Review - A short novella that could easily have been fleshed out more. The police character were one dimensional and not very bright. They've been after Marty Wedlow for a while but he always outsmarted them.

What was interesting, to be introduced to Marty as some kind of anti-hero and slowly revealed to be a real scum bag. The police are definitely incapable of bringing him to justice but Marty finally meets justice in a horrific manner. My favorite line from the book is this, "He ignored God and God's ways his entire life, and now it was not God reaching for him but Satan." It sums up Marty in one sentence.

It's a quick fun read with not a lot of meat on it's bone but yet still a tasty literary snack.

Starstruck by Brenda Hiatt @Brenda_Hiatt

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The middle of nowhere just got a lot more interesting!

Nerdy astronomy geek Marsha, M to her few friends, has never been anybody special. Orphaned as an infant and reluctantly raised by an overly-strict "aunt," she's not even sure who she is. M's dream of someday escaping tiny Jewel, Indiana and making her mark in the world seems impossibly distant until hot new quarterback Rigel inexplicably befriends her. As Rigel turns his back on fawning cheerleaders to spend time with M, strange things start to happen: her acne clears up, her eyesight improves to the point she can ditch her thick glasses, and when they touch, sparks fly--literally! When M digs for a reason, she discovers deep secrets that will change her formerly mundane life forever . . . and expose her to perils she never dreamed of.

Book 1 of the award-winning Starstruck series, where teen romance blends with science fiction to open a whole new world of action, adventure and discovery.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Corpus Callosum by Erika Price

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When 30-year-old firefighter Josephine Porter dies in the line of duty, her sister Jeanette arranges to have Joey’s brain uploaded to a computer system called BrightBox. At first, Jeanette is thrilled to have her sister’s mind stored in a small device that she can bring with her wherever she goes; life seems to become one unending slumber party.

But being trapped in a BrightBox doesn’t suit Joey well—she experiences painful phantom limbs, strange auditory and visual hallucinations, and finds herself remembering things that never actually happened. Plus there’s all the strange information that keeps downloading into Joey’s hard drive…information that Joey doesn't want to know, and that BrightBox’s parent company finds dangerous. Soon Jeanette must enlist the help of BrightBox’s sales representative and the product’s senile inventor, in order to track down the source of the strange downloads and restore her sister’s sanity.

Corpus Callosum is a work of literary science fiction that explores how people cope with death and anguish, how individuals form and express selfhood under extreme states of flux, and what we lose when all data is saved.

Deceptive Cadence by Kathryn Guare @KGuare

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Meet Conor McBride. A man with deadly skills he never wanted to learn. But if he wants to survive, he'd better start using them. Fast.

He was a talented musician once, but now he's disappeared into an undercover identity to search for the man who ruined his career: his own brother.

On a journey from the green fields of Ireland to the tumultuous streets of India, Conor McBride is following the trail of a brother who betrayed him, but he's playing a dangerous game without rules. More betrayals are on the way as he comes to realize the allies he trusted to help him might be the people he should fear the most.

The Things We Leave Behind by TanyaAnneCrosby @TanyaAnneCrosby

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Zoe Rutherford has come to the end of her rope. Her relationship with Chris has reached the breaking point and it is time to leave. But can she leave? And if she does, what is she willing to leave behind?

This stunning short story, the prequel to Tanya Anne Crosby’s remarkable new novel, THE GIRL WHO STAYED, is tense, poignant, and deeply satisfying – exactly what readers have come to expect from this New York Times bestselling author.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Review - The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye by David Lagercrantz

Lisbeth Salander is back with a vengeance.

The series that began with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo continues as brilliant hacker Lisbeth Salander teams up with journalist Mikael Blomkvist to uncover the secrets of her childhood and to take revenge.

Lisbeth Salander—obstinate outsider, volatile seeker of justice for herself and others—seizes on a chance to unearth her mysterious past once and for all. And she will let nothing stop her—not the Islamists she enrages by rescuing a young woman from their brutality; not the prison gang leader who passes a death sentence on her; not the deadly reach of her long-lost twin sister, Camilla; and not the people who will do anything to keep buried knowledge of a sinister pseudoscientific experiment known only as The Registry. Once again, Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist are the fierce heart of a thrilling full-tilt novel that takes on some of the world's most insidious problems.

Review - This had all the familiar characters from the previous novel. So, the story is familiar and welcome. That's all. It's the least exciting of the 5 books and maybe the least pages for Lisbeth. If you have read previous novels,  you know that the character Lisbeth is not talkative to others but normally self reflective. Not so much this time. The supporting cast takes center stage for this story and when Lisbeth does fill in, it's just to punch someone in the neck or something.

It's familiar and that's what draws me to this series. I am hoping for more books where Lizbeth grows beyond her silence and violence. The book is good but not great.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Murder on The Mind by LL Bartlett @LLBartlettbooks

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Jeff Resnick hardly knew his well-heeled half-brother. But after suffering a fractured skull in a vicious mugging, he reluctantly accepts the fact that he has a long and brutal recovery to face—and his closest of kin can provide him with the time and place to do it.

Now, Jeff is haunted by unexplained visions of a heinous crime—a banker, stalked, killed, and eviscerated like a ten-point buck. When Matt Sumner’s murder is discovered, a still-recovering Jeff realizes this was what he had seen. Jeff must not only convince himself of his new-found psychic ability, but also his skeptical brother Richard Alpert. Since Sumner was Richard’s banker, both brothers have a stake in finding out what happened. With Richard’s reluctant help, Jeff’s investigation leads him to Sumner’s belligerent family and hard-nosed business associates, none of whom want him snooping around.

When Jeff discovers a second victim, he knows he must relentlessly chase his quarry even if it means risking his brother’s life.

Unsafe Haven by Char Chaffin @char_chaffin

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For Kendall Martin, a remote village in Southwest Alaska seems like a good, safe place to start over. On the run from a dangerously abusive relationship, she leaves everything familiar behind and begins a new life as owner of a small souvenir and sportsman trading post in picturesque Staamat. The locals are friendly, the town welcoming, and she quickly acclimates to the slower, easier pace.

When she meets Denn Nulo, Staamat's Chief of Police, Kendall begins to believe there truly are good men in the world. Denn is everything she wants: strong, loving, dedicated to family, protective . . . and patient. Instant attraction blooms between them, but Kendall is leery of men, and Denn craves a serious relationship that includes marriage and children. Their courtship is a conflicting mix of hesitancy and passion.

As Kendall learns how to trust again and her romance with Denn grows more intense, a local woman who has had her eye on Denn for years releases a torrent of damaging jealousy . . . and the nightmare from Kendall's past discovers where she's hidden herself.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

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Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who first appeared in publication in 1887. He is the creation of Scottish born author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A brilliant London-based detective, Holmes is famous for his intellectual prowess, and is renowned for his skillful use of deductive reasoning (somewhat mistakenly - see inductive reasoning) and astute observation to solve difficult cases. He is arguably the most famous fictional detective ever created, and is one of the best known and most universally recognizable literary characters in any genre.

Conan Doyle wrote four novels and fifty-six short stories that featured Holmes. All but four stories were narrated by Holmes' friend and biographer, Dr. John H. Watson, two having been narrated by Holmes himself, and two others written in the third person. The first two stories, short novels, appeared in Beeton's Christmas Annual for 1887 and Lippincott's Monthly Magazine in 1890. The character grew tremendously in popularity with the beginning of the first series of short stories in The Strand Magazine in 1891; further series of short stories and two serialized novels appeared almost right up to Conan Doyle's death in 1930. The stories cover a period from around 1878 up to 1903, with a final case in 1914.

Far Horizons by Kate Hewitt @katehewitt1

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On the eve of his departure for the New World, Allan MacDougall asks his beloved Harriet to wait for his return, when he will be established and able to marry her. While Harriet gladly gives her promise, Allan's father insists he is acting dishonourably and so he must free Harriet to marry another while he continues to keep the faith himself.

Through years of hardship, heartache, tragedy, and betrayal, Allan and Harriet cling to the love that first brought them together--yet it is the treacherous doubts of their own hearts that could prove to be their undoing, and drive them farther apart than ever. From the Highland clearances of Scotland to the dangers of the untamed Canadian wilderness, Far Horizons will sweep you away on a grand and romantic adventure that is based on true events and letters, and celebrates the strength of a promise and the enduring and redeeming power of love.